A Shade of Morality

Thrice’s mental alarm clock woke him up in the early hours of the morning. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness of the room as he fumbled for his phone on the night stand next to the bed. Thrice clicked his phone on and immediately regretted it for the beam of light shined directly into his eyes. He winced through the light to see it was almost five in the morning. Thrice looked next to himself to see Galena still sound asleep. He quietly slipped out of bed, grabbed his phone, and started heading for the door. A muffled groan made Thrice turn back around to see Galena looking at him with one eye barely open. “Where,” Galena sleepily points a finger at him as she sits up, “do you think you are going mister? I said you could not leave.”
The dark room hides Thrice’s blush as he smiles and walks over to Galena, “I didn’t mean to wake you Galena, I’m just getting up to start my morning routine and then I’ll be back to you within a couple hours.”
Galena’s face takes on a slight pout as Thrice starts to pull away. Thrice smirks as he pulls Galena close and kisses her. “Trust me,” Thrice speaks softly as he brushes her hair out of her face, “I’ll be back before you know it.”
Galena mumbles to herself as she lays back down in the bed as Thrice exits the room.

After showering and changing into some sweatpants, tennis shoes, and a long-sleeve white t-shirt, Thrice shoulders his sword as he makes his way to the Hallow. Within a few minutes Thrice could feel the familiar magic energy pooling around him as he approached the tree. “I’m surprised you actually on time this morning,” Wrath spoke as he stepped out from behind the tree.
“Oh?” Thrice smirked, “Sorry to disappoint you.”
Wrath grinned as he gripped the sword at his hip, “I’m sure you will continue to throughout this morning.”
Thrice unshouldered his blade while Wrath unsheathed his eagerly. “You two don’t get too carried away now,” Temperance spoke up as he appeared behind Thrice.
“Then how can we train him,” Wrath said through gritted teeth, “if no harm can be done?”
Temperance glanced to Wrath, “I’m sure we can think of something.”
Wrath shakes his head, “Enough blabbering,” Wrath points his blade towards Thrice, “lets test your steel.”
Thrice and Wrath cross swords underneath the tree while Temperance watched. Sparks flew as the steel met steel, Thrice winced through the strain his body was put through as Wrath tested his strength. Wrath tried to land on overhanded strike but Thrice put his blade’s flat side up, placed his hand on the other flat side, and managed to block the strike but not without a cut to his left palm due to his blade slightly cutting into him. Wrath took the opportunity to try and knock Thrice off balance. Thrice, clenching his left hand, barely kept Wrath’s attacks at bay. Wrath’s foot caught one of Thrice’s and made Thrice stumble and fall onto his back into the moist grass. Thrice’s breath became strained as he rolled to his side to avoid Wrath’s blade. Thrice got to his feet and met Wrath’s blade once more. Wrath grinned as he glared at Thrice, “Give it up Thrice, you can’t win.” Thrice struggled against Wrath’s strength, “I don’t think I can. You know how stubborn I am after all.”
Wrath laughed as he gripped his sword tighter and stepped closer to Thrice. Thrice gritted his teeth as he clenched his left fist and swung it into Wrath’s face. Wrath, shocked, stumbled back as Thrice stepped forward and placed his blade against Wrath’s throat. Thrice, huffing slightly, “I think…I won.”
Wrath gripped his sword but quickly loosened his grip and sighed heavily, “You are still sloppy but you have improved.”
“Well then,” Thrice shoved his blade into the soft ground, “teach me.”

Moments later, Thrice was looking through a scrying window at himself and Wrath as Wrath walked around Thrice slightly correcting his stance in a few places. “No,” Wrath mumbled as he eased his blade onto Thrice’s arm, “loosen up Thrice.”

Thrice sighed as Wrath criticized his posture, “Like this?”
The flat side of Wrath’s blade slapped Thrice across his calf, “Take this seriously! The Arrow isn’t here to guide you anymore, at least not the Arrow you are use to. So here we are trying to help you, so shut up and listen!”
Thrice winced at the impact of the blade but kept his balance.
“Perhaps,” Temperance walked up to Thrice and Wrath, “it is time to call it. Let us unwind for a moment before Thrice has to go back to the house.”
Thrice rubs his calf, “Sounds like a plan to me.”
Wrath grumbles, sheathes his blade, and leans against the tree.
Thrice glances and makes out the hint of the sun peaking over the horizon and smirks.
“You are just dying to get back to her aren’t ya?” Wrath asked as his eyes looked up at the tree.
“Well why wouldn’t I?” Thrice chuckled, “I finally have Galena back.”
“And you aren’t scared of Abel anymore?” Temperance says calmly as he looks up to Thrice.
“If Galena is confident in our abilities then I may as well be.”
“And what of your oath?” Wrath seemed to spit the words, “Does your word mean nothing?”
Thrice clenched his fists, “I kept my word for as long as I could. A year watching her and knowing I could not tell her anything, of what we had lost.”
“And yet here we FUCKING are!” Wrath kicked up dirt.
“What was I SUPPOSED to do, lie to her even more?!”
“I’ve already lied enough to get us here, I am NOT lying to her anymore.” Thrice met Wrath’s eyes sternly.
Wrath rolled his eyes, “So fucking noble of you Thrice, all for some chick you supposedly ‘love’.”
Thrice stopped, his face grew hot. Thrice had never uttered that word out loud before and he did not know what to say now that Wrath had called him out on it.
“What’s the matter Kirk,” Wrath smirked at Thrice, “cat got your tongue? Did I strike a nerve?”
“That’s quite enough,” Temperance stepped between the two, “you are pushing him too much.”
“Bah,” Wrath waved his hand, “more like not enough. I have questioned that should be answered ya know.”
Thrice looked up with his face still hot, “Like what? What could you possibly have to ask me?”
“The mausoleum,” Wrath crossed his arms, “why didn’t you go with Galena when she obviously wanted you to?”
Thrice’s face went bright red as he fumbled to find the right words. Wrath laughed, “And there we go, our fearless leader, afraid of being ‘intimate’.”
Wrath spit to the side, “Pa-fucking-thetic.”
“I did not go with her,” Thrice finally spoke up, “not because I was scared but because I knew that was not really her controlling her emotions.”
“Oh please,” Wrath continued, “something awakened in her and it terrified you. You didn’t know what to do to so you did what you always did, you fucking ran.”
Thrice head hung low.
Wrath shook his head, “And to think, you could have became a man finally if you had just gone with her.”
In a moment Thrice was upon Wrath with a blade at his throat, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
Wrath struggled against Thrice but Thrice had him pinned against the tree.
“You will not speak of the mausoleum again,” Thrice’s face was red with anger and tears streaked his face, “and you will NOT speak of Galena in that manner ever again or you WILL regret it!”
Wrath held his hands up, “Fine, fine, geez.”
Thrice released Wrath, cleaned up his face, and calmed down.
“One more question though,” Wrath stretched, “if you aren’t afraid of Abel are you afraid of Death now that the oath has been broken?”
Thrice sighed, “Of course I’m afraid.”
“And what do you plan to do?” Wrath asked.
“After all this spirit bullshit is over and done with,” Thrice planted his sword into the ground firmly, “I plan to visit her and explain myself.”
Wrath’s mouth fell open, “You plan on going to her directly? After what you did?”
Thrice shrugged, “I don’t really have any other option. She is most likely the most powerful being ever so I can’t overpower or outrun her and I would rather not see what happens if I try to lie to her. So the truth is all I have on my side.”
Wrath shook his head, “We are so fuckin’ dead.”
Thrice laughed, “Oh I’m sure of it, so that is why I am gonna make these days count.”
“Then go to her,” Temperance said softly, “make Galena happy while you can before Death strips that away from her.”
Thrice nodded to both Temperance and Wrath, shouldered his blade, and headed back home as the sun came over the horizon.
After showering and changing into his sleepwear, Thrice entered Galena’s dimly lit room. Thrice slipped into the bed and softly wrapped his arms around Galena. Galena stirred and turned around and smiled to Thrice, “And here I thought you were not coming back.”
Thrice smiled back, “Nah, you are stuck with me.”
“Good,” Galena rolled over and faced Thrice and they kissed, “so what shall we do now?”
“Now.” Thrice snuggled up to Galena as sleep invaded his body, “now I want to spend this time next to you, the woman I….”
Galena’s head cocks slightly, “The woman you what?”
Galena nudges Thrice but Thrice had fallen fast asleep with a smile on his mouth and a tear in his eye.
Thrice dreams of the days to come, the possibility that he will die. It scares him, it shakes him. Thrice tells himself that he must make these remaining days count, if not for himself but for Galena. In the end, Thrice believes he is ready to meet Death face-to-face as a foe.

A Shade of Morality

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