New Beginnings

Thrice stirs in his bed as his phone alarm goes off. After a moment of searching he manages to shut off the alarm and stares at the phone, the only response he gets back is its L.E.D. glare of the display 6:00 A.M. Thrice quietly sighs as he throws his covers off of him and rises out of his bed. He shuffles to the bathroom in his room, sweet luxury. He flips on the light and stares at his reflection that had disheveled red hair and a somewhat trimmed looking beard. After showering and changing in to some track pants, muscle shirt, and tennis shoes, Thrice softly walks out of the house and strode towards the Hallow.

He stretches as he approaches the tree as the hearth-stones’ power waft over him. “Took you long enough,” Thrice hears a voice say. Thrice looks to the tree as Wrath, wearing plain clothes while still wearing his crown and blade, steps out from behind the tree. Thrice smirks, “I had to get ready, rather not train while I was still in my sleepwear.” Wrath nods, “Shall we begin then? Or would you rather have some breakfast as well?” Thrice flatly stares at Wrath, “No, I am ready to begin.”

“Good,” Temperance, still wearing his brown hoody, jeans, and tennis shoes, says while appearing behind Thrice. Innocence appears hanging from one of the branches of the tree as he yawns, “But it is sooo earrrlllly.” Thrice smiles up to Innocence, “Then go sleep buddy, we can train while you rest.” Innocence nods and fades while Temperance and Wrath stretch. “So,” Thrice rolls his shoulders, “where do we begin?”

Thrice heavily sweats as the next several hours of training pass by, Wrath commanding him while Temperance slightly improving his stance. “Hmmm,” Wrath places his arms behind his back as he paces in front of Thrice, “seems you have not forgotten what the Arrow taught you.” Thrice tenses his screaming muscles as he focuses his mind and breathes through his nose. Wrath’s right arm shoots towards Thrice who quickly blocks it with his forearm while meeting Wrath’s eyes. “Excellent,” Wrath says as he jumps away and prepares himself, “again!” Wrath and Thrice clash over and over, Thrice becoming more confident with each meeting of their forms. After the fifth clash Thrice grips Wrath’s arm and throws him over his shoulder. Temperance claps, “Very good Kirk, you have come a long way since those past days in Pittsburgh.” Thrice heavily breathes as Wrath stands up and dusts himself off, “Yes—very good.” Thrice smiles as he takes this opportunity to lean against the tree and catch his breath. Temperance sits next to Thrice, “Training is done for now, we can continue tomorrow.”
Thrice reaches underneath his shirt’s collar and pulls out a ring made of iron on a chain, Thrice calmly stares at the ring and the word Sacrifice inscribed on the inside of the ring. “She still doesn’t remember,” Temperance asks as Thrice plays with the ring. “No,” Thrice states, “and that’s the price I gladly paid to keep us safe.”
“As long as you stay on this path of yours,” Wrath says as he walks up to them.
Thrice looks at Wrath, determination in his gaze, “I will.”

Temperance looks up at the tree, “What do you think is to come?”
Thrice shrugs, “Knowing our luck nothing but trouble. Between those spirits and the people at the graveyard this place might be another Pittsburgh.”
“Let’s hope not for everyone’s sake,” Temperance calmly spoke.
“Yeah,” Thrice gazed up at the fading stars, “let’s hope.”
“Speaking of everyone,” Wrath speaks up, “what do we think of the new mages Sable and Moyra?”
Thrice takes a deep breath, “They are a welcome change from the past cabal-mates. The Path of the Reforged could do some great things in the future, who knows we could even go back to Pittsburgh and deal with matters there.”
Wrath looks to Thrice with a rising eyebrow, “You really think so?”
Thrice shrugs, “Wishful thinking, so far we are working well together and no one seems to be insane.”
Temperance laughs, “I suppose that is a very nice change.”
“Yeah,” Thrice says as he places the ring back under his shirt and stands up. Thrice stretches as he sees the sun starting to peek over the horizon, “Sun’s coming up,” Thrice looks to Wrath and Temperance, “time for me to get breakfast ready, and then tomorrow we can do this all again.” Thrice walks back to the house with a sore body and smile on his face.

New Beginnings

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