After the…incident…at the mausoleum, Galena texts Thrice:

Galena: ummm…sorry bout that…

Thrice (after several nerve-wracking minutes): It’s okay. Freaking spirits.

Galena: Heh…yeah. I guess it was my turn.

Thrice: Heh, I suppose so.

Galena: I also have no idea what she was talking about in the forest. That was just weird. I hope that’s the last lust spirit we ever come across…

Thrice: Yeah…me too.

Galena: Well, just don’t rat me out to your girlfriend…don’t need spirits and a jealous chick to fight off.

Thrice: Ha, girlfriend? Been alil busy to have one of them.

Galena: Well, the girl from Pittsburgh…the one who gave you your necklace.

Thrice: She is a business friend.

Galena: Oh. I suppose I’m safe, then.

Thrice: Ha, yeah. Just…next time something like that happens give me a heads up :P

Galena: It’s not like I was thinking all that clearly…

Thrice: So it appeared…

Galena: Not my fault.

Thrice: I know, I know.

Galena is lying in bed trying to sleep, but keeps thinking about the lust spirit’s comments about Thrice.

What past connection was there? I can’t think of anything that would have been misconstrued as some sort of past connection. It sure felt like something had been there. I would think that I would have rememb—sonofabitch. He erased my memory?!? He was trying to shut her up right before Sable bound her. Fantastic. Well, there has to be something I can do…I need a baseline test, so…Moira.

Galena sits up in bed and focuses. She begins to analyze the connection between herself and Moira. A band of…energy? seems to flow from Galena to Moira.

Well, that looks normal. Now…

Focusing again, Galena turns her attention to Thrice. The band of energy between Thrice and herself is broader, stronger.

Shit…there must have been something! Wait, slow down…It could just be that you’ve known him longer. Try again.

She re-focuses on Thrice. The same band is there, but as she scrutinizes further, she notices that a second band is nearly overlapping the first. The second band connects Thrice, Galena, and the ring he’s wearing around his neck. Galena immediately cancels the spell.

The girl from Pittsburgh…is…me?

She flashes back to the road trip to Boston…Thrice said: “I can see her anytime I want.”

SONOFABITCH!! Her eyes begin to sting with tears. But, why…?


Shipping up to Boston Ailise