After Moira finishes off Loki’s physical form, Galena stumbles forward and falls down to her knees between Thrice’s sword and pistol. She sits back on her heels and covers her face with her left hand, her pistol still clutched in her right.

Gone. He’s…gone. Her breathing is deep and ragged. I’ll never see him again. Tears stream down her face, and her shoulders shake with her sobs. She suddenly stops and looks down at her right hand. Well, maybe I could…we’d spend eternity together… She tries to move her arm, to bring the pistol up to her head, but her arm remains frozen. What the hell? She sighs. Damn shock… Galena tries to will her elbow to bend again, but to no avail.

At that point, Heimdall began speaking. “Who is responsible for this?” No response. “Who are the companions of Kirk Devine?” At that, Galena’s head snapped around, and her mouth fell open. I’m the only one who knows that…or so I thought. And hell, I didn’t even know his last name!

Galena, Moira, and Sable were transported to Asgard and met with Odin. Afterwards, Galena went for a walk by herself in the city.

Just when you think nothing else will surprise you, you end up fighting for your life against Norse gods, and then you watch as the physical embodiment of Death impales your…boyfriend? and disappears with his body. The next thing you know, you’re standing in Asgard speaking to Odin himself. Guess it’s just a typical Tuesday…

Galena sat down on an intricately carved stone bench and placed her head in her hands.

I am worried, though. If Odin has doubts, how can we expect to bargain with Hel? I mean, whatever she asks, I’ll attempt. What do I have to lose at this point? I’m just ready to get it all over with. I think we’re as prepared as we can be, and we have a guide who can hopefully help.

I suppose I’m glad the shock paralyzed me momentarily…though, I’m not convinced that we’ll be successful in retrieving Thrice. If we can’t, well, maybe I’ll be able to move my arms then…


Shipping up to Boston Ailise