Leaving the Past Behind

Galena starts packing her bags in the car. She hears the front door slam open and hurried footsteps. She hears Overman and Rameses talking in worried tones and then hears Thrice: “I’m fine, for now, but we are in danger and I need you guys’ help.” Words/plans are exchanged and soon after both Overman and Rameses rush out the door while Thrice takes a moment to catch his breath. Galena steps out of the garage.

Galena: What’s going on?

Thrice (his eyes meet Galena’s, and she notices that he had a bullet wound in his right shoulder.): Seems our leaving needs to be a bit quicker. He weakly smiles.

Galena (looks in shock at Thrice’s shoulder.): Which one of them shot you??

Thrice: Abel…that’s why we have to hurry. (he walks to the stairs.) Finish packing, I need to do something that should help with our escape.

As Thrice walks away, Galena calls after him, “How did…” She trails off, shakes her head, and runs to grab Thrice’s bags from the house.

Thrice: I’ll give you the run down after we leave.

Galena: Ok. ( She finishes packing Thrice’s things, pulls the car out of the garage, and waits for him to return.)

As Thrice climbs the stairs he whispers to himself, “Now to make a deal with the devil.” Thrice looks to the garage, “This might take some time but it needs to be done.” He ascends into the attic.

After waiting in the car for several minutes, Galena starts to get anxious. She sends Thrice a text: “Thought we were hurrying?”. No response. Galena gets out of the car and searches the house for Thrice. She ends up outside the attic door but finds it locked. She is capable of disintegrating the lock, but something holds her back. An internal struggle between respecting Thrice’s privacy and helping him begins in her head. After several minutes of this battle, she gets the overwhelming feeling that she wants to respect his privacy. She goes back downstairs to wait again. After a while Galena hears Thrice descending the stairs. He looks tired.

Galena: Ok, ready to go now?

Thrice looks to Galena. Yeah…

Galena: Well, everything is packed. No one else is here…I guess we’ll call the rest of the group when we get there…where ever “there” is.

Thrice: Some where that’s not here… (he stares off for a bit)

Galena gives Thrice a look of confusion, wondering where the earlier urgency has gone.

Galena: If we need to hurry, then let’s get going. We can just pick a direction in the car.

Thrice (seeming to snap back): Right.

Thrice gets into the car, and Galena follows. She starts messing with the GPS.

Galena: Ok, I know the South is bad, and NOT D.C. again….Midwest? Chicago? We could head to NYC, I suppose…

Thrice: Always wanted to go to N.Y.

Galena: Same here. Off to NYC, then. (She sets the GPS and pulls away from the Sanctum. She glances over at his shoulder.) What happened with Abel?

Thrice (holding his shoulder): Thought I had tracked him down, but it was a trap.

Galena: I offered to go with you. You should have taken me up on that. Did you at least hit him, too?

Thrice: Never saw him.

Galena: Well, luckily you got back to the Sanctum quickly. I hope the others can take care of him.

Thrice: Doubtful, just needed them to run interference.

Galena: That’s good. Gives us a little time, at least.

Thrice: Exactly.

Galena falls into silence as she fights the Pittsburgh traffic. She turns on the radio softly to calm her road rage. Thrice pulls out a ring attached to a chain and starts fumbling it over in his palm while he gazes at it.

Galena (glances over at the ring.): New jewelry?

Thrice: Yeah. A…gift from a friend.

Galena: Leaving her behind? That’s no good…but maybe when all of this is resolved you can head back here.

Thrice: You’ve met her…she likes you. I can see her anytime I want.

Galena: But…right…space magic. Someone from Mysterium? What was her name…Jasmine?

Thrice (Shakes his head.): No. She’s more a friend to you.

Galena: More of a friend to me? Guess I’m just oblivious to that stuff. I’m glad you can still keep in touch, though.

Thrice: I suppose.

Galena (focuses back on driving): So, what do you think? Do you want to go into NYC or just nearby?

Thrice: Most definitely not into it. Too big for my liking. Somewhere close though.

Galena: Yeah, Pittsburgh was big enough for me, too.

Thrice: Small town near though.

Galena: There are a lot of those, I think. We’ll find somewhere.

Thrice: Yeah, hopefully no trouble.

Galena: Yeah, we’ve had our share. I just hope moving away is enough.

Thrice (crosses his fingers): Here’s hoping.

Leaving the Past Behind

Shipping up to Boston Ailise